Mother Mary

Message 5

Image: The Holy Grail, Autumn Skye Art

Sunday, October 25, 2020   1:33pm

Dear Brethren,

I feel very welcome here in your midst. You each bring me into love’s embrace. You are each love in action in the material world. When you give love to another child of God, I am there.

I wanted to talk to each of you today about the topic of inheritance. You are my heirs. You do my work on the earth by extending the love you receive from our great Mother/Father. There is no greater calling.

I am one with Jesus. You are his heirs as well. We paved the way on the earth and now you walk in our footsteps. Each step is taken with us by your side.

You go nowhere where we are not with you. We know your situations and your deepest thoughts. We know your fears and worries.

Remember that you are my hands and feet. You are Jesus’ hands and feet. You each represent us in your own unique and individualized ways. I am so appreciative of your willingness to show the world what love looks like. 

A Journey into the Unknown merely gives suggestions. Together, we are free to create beyond these basic building blocks.

In love and admiration,

Mother Mary, your sister in Christ

End Time: 1:53 PM