Phase Three of Being Christ

Book Eleven S – A Shock To The System

Scenarios for the Ten Powers of Christ

Image: Laura Rowe, Supercell Thunderstorm, West Texas, 17 May 2021

Introduced in Book 11: Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 14 as Supplemental Reading

“As God, as an individualized aspect of God, you have certain powers and abilities.

1. The power to alter the course of another aspect of yourself

2. The power to stop suffering

3. The power to alleviate need

4. The power to grant wishes and desires

5. The power to enhance

6. The power to change situations and outcomes

7. The power to know and trust

8. The power to explore

9. The power to invest

10. The power to manifest”

These Ten Powers of Christ are explained through the use of Ten Scenarios in each of the Three Parts of this book. These powers are also revisited by Mother Mary in Arrival, Series 5; The Flowering of Christ – Resurrection 11-20 (Oct-Dec 2022).