Celebrations, Jesus, Shock

Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 14 and Phase Three Introduction – A Shock To The System

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, July 18, 2021   6:40 am

Namaste. Now that you have had 21 days on earth since we first gathered, only 15 minutes have transpired here in the spiritual realm. This is a significant difference, isn’t it?

Today, our master class, which includes your time with me, St. Germain, and Mother Mary, will take on a new form. All good classes have homework assignments. These will be included as supplemental reading. Please read these through the week. We will discuss them during class Christs, so be prepared.

The road to becoming Christ has had a constant and significant message, which is ‘You are not who you think you are’. Now that you know who you are, our message to you each is ‘Let us show you your power’.

We have told you that you do not need to act. Blessings flow naturally from you but there are times when we could use your help. You will know when these times are occurring. You are our troops on the ground. You are our eyes and ears and you are in a position where you can take a leadership role in directing energy. You see, each of our Christ offices is also a 911 dispatch center and 911 centers don’t have another 911 center to call. They are 911.

Have a blessed week ahead everyone.

In love and power,

Supplemental Reading

End Time: 6:58 am