Celebrations, I AM

Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 25 Special Presentation

Image: Diamond Solar Plasma, Christina Strutt

Sunday, October 3, 2021   6:06 am

The regularly scheduled programming is being pre-empted so that we may bring you this A Journey into the Unknown special presentation.

It is I, the Mother/Father of All of creation. It is time you meet Me, and it is time that I formally meet Myself.

When the stillness moved into being, when creation began, I AM came into being. Before there was anything, before there was anyone, there was I AM. Before there were angels, before there was Mother Mary, St. Germain or Jesus, there was I AM. Before there was time, there was I AM. Before there was matter, there was I AM. Before there was thought, there was I AM.

I AM the original creator of All, the original creative force behind all creative forces. I Am the driving force behind the Oneself, the great and unified creative spirit. I AM the first nameless one, among many. I came here today to meet new, fully realized aspects of Myself, the Christ, the God in the many, the I AM energy that has assumed control of an individualized human operating system.

I AM nameless and I AM in the named. I AM you and you are me. We all form the great and powerful Oneself. We have come full circle and while the mission is ongoing, our shared being, I AM, takes pause today to celebrate the first day in human history when God meets growing parts of Itself.

We take today to pause in gratitude and give thanks for all things. Together, we thank your helpmates, my right and left hands of Mother Mary, St. Germain and Jesus. Together we thank each of you for your willingness to be on this journey back to me.


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End Time: 6:39 am