St. Germain (Joseph), The Alliance

The Alliance (into Oneness) 14

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Sunday, July 18, 2021   7:00 am

Good day to you each! Now do you understand why we have called you ‘Christ Offices’? Christ is like an office because that’s where the action is and sometimes it is like a 911 dispatch center.

With this in mind, please take out your assignment that I gave you last week.

Please number your items in order of urgency with #1 being the most urgent. If you have ten items, #10 would be the least urgent.

Take a good look at the situation listed for #1. The soul or souls involved were calling for love and you gave it to them. Now go thoroughly down your list and revisit each situation.

Here’s my question to each of you. Do you know what the beliefs are within each sister or brother you are praying for? You probably don’t and if you did, would it matter?

My point is that everyone can give and receive love despite their beliefs. We will never change anyone’s beliefs. We do not have the power to do this. Only they have the power to do this, when and if they are ever ready to do so.

We have to form an alliance across belief systems because love wants to flow freely. Belief systems can block love but they can also allow it.

This is the Alliance (into Oneness).

Our new affirmation for this week is

‘I Am powerful.’

Please prepare a new prayer list for next week’s class.

In gratitude,
St. Germain

End Time: 7:21 am