St. Germain (Joseph), The Alliance

The Alliance (into Oneness) 16

Image: Terra Nova

Sunday, August 1, 2021   5:40 am

You are very blessed indeed! This is why you can be a blessing. You each have a never-ending supply of accelerating blessings, so continue to give them out liberally in the now. They will automatically extend into future nows, guaranteed.

As you look at your prayer lists from this week, do you see how belief may shape events either positively or negatively? Belief is a very powerful factor, but isn’t the only factor. Beliefs can’t be seen. You may never know what beliefs someone has and it doesn’t matter to Christ. Christ works around belief with its blessings. We do not care what beliefs someone may or may not have. They can be religious, political, social, rooted in superstition, true or not true. It just doesn’t matter to us as Christ. we love everyone equally.

Our affirmation for this week is

‘I Am powerful. I can move mountains.’

St. Germain

End Time: 5:52 am