Mother Mary, Revelations

Beyond the Veil: Revelations 1

Image: The Holy Grail, Autumn Skye Art

Sunday, April 18, 2021   7:00 am

Hello loves. It is I, Mother Mary. You didn’t think you could keep me away for long did you? (smile) We want to start off this new series with someone you are familiar with and comfortable with. I have a strong relationship with each of you. You are my brothers and sisters in one way and my children in another. Regardless, we are family. We are each one a precious part of God and together we yield great power to do good and to be goodness, pure and simple.

As new ones introduce themselves to you, please welcome them with open arms. They want to support each of you in what is clearly the most difficult journey, which is Being Christ. It is much easier to just go along, my dears, just to be a sheep. Not you though, not us. We know that we were not called to just be sheep. We were called to awaken from the slumber of conformity. 

This is what we will support you each with in this new series. I like how Jesus referred to this as a fax machine. Watch out! You never know when a fax may fly out and land on the floor! (smile)

In loving support for the tireless,
Mother Mary

End Time: 7:12 am