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Beyond the Veil: Revelations 14

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Tuesday, May 18. 2021   4:07 pm

I Am the one known as Jesus and this is a manifesto. The world of ego and perception has been a world of exclusion. Those judged to be unworthy are pushed away, cast to the side, locked up to rot in a filthy prison.

In our new world, the world of Christ. We seek to embrace each aspect of the One Self. A lifetime, whether it lasts for one second or one hundred years is an important element of a soul’s fiber and that same element is woven into the collective tapestry of the One Self.

While I do not truly know what it is like to be you and you do not truly know what it’s like to be me, love embraces both similarities and differences and does not embrace the good and cast out the bad, as the ego driven world has and still does.

In Christ, we embrace all aspects of the One Self, in service and in love. This is the Second Coming of Christ and we are creating a new reality in this world. For something as monumental as this, we need a new guidebook, a new map, a new Bible if you will, one that is interactive and inclusive of all, one that reframes both the present and the past through the lens of love. A Journey into the Unknown is that collection of living, breathing and never ending books. It is the Wayshower of the new. It is a truly living Bible that all aspects of the One Self help create.

We will be hearing from souls who lived long ago and not so long ago. We want to embrace their experiences without shame, without judgment. In our Bible, there is only truth to be told. There is no shame. We will not tell their stories. They will. There will be no fear, only love and acceptance. 

In truth and in dedication to truth,
Jesus Christ

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