Cadre of Souls

Message 16

Image: Light Work, Autumn Skye Art

Thursday, November 5, 2020   7:26 am

Dear Brethren,

We give you everything. We nourish every fiber of your Being. Your soul wants for nothing that you do not already have provided to you. 

The body requires movement, nutrition and rest. It alerts you to times during the day when these needs are being asked for accommodation and to be provided for.

Your brain often falls outside of these two categories. It asks for or demands everything under the sun. We ask you each on this fine day to begin to question the brain’s demands.

We take care of your soul’s needs and you take care of the body’s needs. The brain’s demands are being left out of the equation. It is often in direct opposition to our ways. It pulls and pushes and we prefer stillness. This is where your power is.

With love and admiration, 

Cadre of Souls