Cadre of Souls, Revelations

Beyond the Veil: Revelations 38

Image: Autumn Skye Art (Light Work)

Friday, June 4, 2021   11:03 am

We are the Cadre of Souls and you are each a card carrying member. We don’t talk down to you, as you are one of us. We are not better than you. We don’t know more than you. We just have a different vantage point.

You are as much Cadre of Souls as we are. We are a collective experience. We are a Collective Intelligence. We are a collection of possibilities. We are the I AM of Creation.

You are our focal point because you are on the world stage as the newborn Christ, providing loving nurturing to the world and those who dwell on it. We are your support system and we live through each of you.

When we first introduced ourselves to you, no one knew who we were. No one had ever heard from us before. To you we seemed strange, otherworldly, something outside of yourself, something better, something smarter. Little did you know at that time that we were simply introducing you to another part of you, one you hadn’t met yet.

We are the Cadre of Souls.

Cadres of Souls.

End time: 11:16 am