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Beyond the Veil: Revelations 39

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Saturday, June 5, 2021   6:55 am

Mary Magdalene: Part Three of Three

You may ask, “Mary, what did you do to invoke such scorn in others that was directed toward you?’ My answer is that I simply believed it all. It must have been true and I must have been deserving of such viciousness and brutality, or so I though.

As soon as I became wise in my own knowing and stopped believing all of the lies, the sooner their effect was lessened, the sooner the sting started to fade away, and the sooner my own healing could begin. The myth of Mary Magdalene would live on, but I no longer knew who they were referring to. She had become something else entirely, a myth, a legend. While I, the true Mary Magdalene, had returned home to my own truth and my own power.

Not that they didn’t continue to try, but I reached a point when their words and actions just couldn’t affect me anymore. I had stopped believing it. The Divine Feminine principle had awakened in me and that is what carries me through to this day, in a myriad of lifetimes. This is the truth of my being, whether they call me Mary or something else. The truth cannot really be contained in a name or in a description.

You too have at least a streak of Mary Magdalene energy in you, or you wouldn’t be reading this – the great testament to truth in all of its forms, The Mary Magdalene of spiritual material.

We, who resonate as the damned, have no use for kind words disguised as pity. We passed through a multitude of trials by fire to be the indestructible collective force we are today.

Here’s to us! We are survivors and we walk together.”

Mary Magdalene,
Queen Mother of the Damned.

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