Revelations, The Director

Beyond the Veil: Revelations 40

Image: The Light is Coming for Everyone, Analia Baquela

Saturday, June 5, 2021   7:34 am

This is The Director and this will be the final numbered entry for Book 12. Moses’ Book within a Book is still ongoing. Once it is complete, this entire book will be sealed as official and sanctioned.

This book has had to do with love shining through the lens of a character. Instead of the myth being the dominant theme, truth is. We want the readers to see that love is in all, no matter how mature or how strong their souls are. Love can shine through the biggest persona, the most illusionary experience. Love always makes a difference, whether it was in the Garden on Eden, on Noah’s Ark, during the time of Jesus, or during modern times.

We are redefining everything and discovering the love that is in all.

In gratitude for your willingness to reexamine,
The Director.

End time: 7:49 am