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Beyond the Veil: Revelations 37

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Friday, June 4, 2021   7:44 am

Mary Magdalene: Part Two of Three

What was my life like as Mary Magdalene? This happened. That happened. These trends reoccurred. Things smoothed out for a time. Then there would be rough soils again, followed by a rainbow, the promise of the connection between the Earth and the Divine.

My life as Mary Magdalene was your life. It was our lifetime as all are. Mary Magdalene reappears over and over again. She says, “I dare you to love me as yourself. Will you embrace me or will you throw dirt in my face? What you do to me, you do to yourself. Can you love me as I am or is it easier and more convenient to toss me to the side and act like you don’t know me? Act like you’re too damn embarrassed to be seen with the likes of me. Tell me the truth, oh wise one. What will it be?”

Being a Mary Magdalene figure during any time period is a golden opportunity. When you cannot possibly take any more judgment and rejection, then the tables are turned. I Am the Queen of the Damned, as are all the Mary Magdalene’s who pass through their many trials by fire, and finally realize that they are unscathed. The psychic and physical wounds are gone. They cannot touch us anymore. Their words were meant to cut, but our skin was only thickened.

In Truth,
Mary Magdalene.

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