Cadre of Souls

Message 18

Image: Light Work, Autumn Skye Art

Friday, November 6, 2020   7:06 pm

Dear Brethren,

The stillness is outside thought. All knowing is outside thought, in the depth of stillness. All feelings emanating from knowing emerge from stillness. 

Humans have a great deal of trouble accessing the dimension of stillness/knowing/deep feeling because their brains jam up the airwaves with constant chatter. In some, it’s as if several radio stations are all being broadcast at the same time, on the same frequency.

But not you, not all the time and oftentimes not at all. We can reach you each and for that we are very grateful. This is an individualized experience of union. It can’t be taught in a book. These messages amount to a PhD level experience.

We provide this to you each because we know you are listening and appreciative of our gifts. Giving and receiving are one in truth. Our appreciation of each of you brings us great joy, which we celebrate with you as a collective.

Until tomorrow,

Cadre of Souls

End time: 7:21 pm