Cadre of Souls

Message 20

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Sunday, November 8, 2020   1:19 pm

Dear Christina and Rick (changed-see paragraph 5) Dear Brethren,

We greet you both. Our message at this time is to give you both an analogy, which is the analogy of a message in a bottle. You are both familiar with this concept. There have been many stories of glass bottles with messages secured inside, thrown out to sea or buried in the backyard somewhere. The messages survived and were sometimes discovered many years or decades later.

A Journey into the Unknown is very much like a message in a bottle. It will survive long after you both have moved on from your earthly experiences.

An added benefit is that it is being received now as well. The revolutionary information this book contains is causing people to question everything, which is its real purpose. Whether someone appreciates it or not is neither here nor there. The book dares its readers to open up to a new way of being.

We are grateful to you both for the hard work and dedication that has gone into this project. It has not gone unnoticed.

Rick, please scratch out “Dear Christina and Rick”. We want this to be a group message. We let you fall into the routine but then changed course. You both will not receive messages every Sunday, but will receive them as needed. We will instead address the entire group in group messages and you are both members of that group, so you will receive them as well, in that context.

We want to express our joy to be included in this group and in your lives. We speak for Mother Mary and Jesus when we say that this is truly a remarkable experience. We have not had a team such as this, assembled in quite a long time in earth years.

Expect to continue to hear from us often.

Cadre of Souls 

End time: 1:41pm