Arcturian Council, Jesus

Message 231

Image: Arcturian Council, Golden Activations/Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Tuesday, March 30, 2021   7:15 pm

Greetings. It is I, the one known as Jesus. I will do the honors of introducing a group that some of you may be familiar with. They are the Arcturian Council. They have some interesting observations to share through their spokesperson.

Namaste. We were invited by Jesus to come to the earth following a recent intergalactic summit that he attended with us. The purpose of our visit is to find out more about the awakening process, Christ awareness, Christ consciousness and finally Christ transformation.

We are dealing with the same frequency change issues on our planet and have found the transition from Christ consciousness to Christ transformation to be the most challenging one to make.

Jesus has shared his writings with us as well as the concept of the Christ Organization and explained the amount of support involved. He is very excited about the potential for this concept and its effects on members of your community. 

We took his word for it of course but we wanted to see for ourselves. We can say that we like what we see. We are taking notes on our observations and want to find ways to adapt this concept to the needs of our community members.

Keep up the good work.

In oneness,
Arcturian Council

End Time: 7:33 pm