The Director

Message 261

Image: The Light is Coming for Everyone, Analia Baquela

Wednesday, April 7, 2021   6:10 am

The time has come to reveal myself to you. I have no name. Some call me the Director. I Am in charge of reproducing divine energy in form. The team you are now accustomed to hearing from all work under my wings. You can think of each of them as choreographers. They show you how to dance.

The Christ Organization has been and still is in rehearsals. We have not had our Broadway premiere opening night yet. We are still tweaking here and there. Your dressing rooms or offices are all open and ready for your use. You know this much.

What you don’t know is that there is still a great deal of mystery about our project, even among those who are directly involved in it. We are the production that has the best and most talented staff and creative artists (you) but we don’t know if we will have a hit on our hands. Will we get good reviews? Will we get an audience? Will the press love us or hate us?

Because we are working with an audience of human beings, these things do matter, even to us. They will tell us what our next steps are. There is no danger of our production disappearing because of bad reviews because obviously, we don’t depend on funding. Our resources are unlimited.

To be honest and perfectly clear, we have been in what are known as ‘previews’. Little snippets about our organization have gotten out and we have been able to test market reactions. This is where we are now.

I gather information and report it to those above me. When I get the green light, then the lights go on and we will be ready for opening night. Until then, keep doing a great job in your new roles. We see that you have developed strong relationships with the choreographers. Their feedback about each of you has been fantastic.

So, break a leg. The show must go on.

The Director

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