Cadre of Souls

Message 27

Image: Light Work, Autumn Skye Art

Wednesday, November 18, 2020   11:53 am

Dear Brethren,

Yesterday, our brother Jesus reflected on the beauty each of your souls project. Today we wish to encourage you to see this beauty everywhere and within everyone. When your sisters and brothers are really struggling, know that beauty is there, just beneath the surface. This inner beauty is what we ask you to witness to.

Yes, of course, you see the way or ways that fear is manifesting. Know that love is wanting to manifest. It wants to speak. It wants to express. This is what your blessings do. They give a helping hand to something that many don’t even believe is there at all.

This is what visionaries such as yourselves do with seamless precision. We thank you for that and yes, we know that we are preaching to the choir.

In love manifest,

Your cheerleaders,

Cadre of Souls