Mother Mary

Message 3

Image: The Holy Grail, Autumn Skye Art

Sunday, 10-11-2020   1:38pm

Dear Brethren

I hope you have not grown tired of me yet. I enjoyed giving a message to you so much last week that I wanted to make it a regular communion. There is so much that long to say.

I attend your weekly meetings as does Jesus and other spiritual beings. You cannot see us in Zoom boxes but we are there. We listen to your heartfelt words and relish hearing them.

It really wasn’t that long ago that we were on the earth, pondering life and ourselves, wondering who we were in truth.

We discovered what you each know. It’s amazing to see how much Christ Consciousness has grown. 

Lorraine has talked about her strong connection to me. I wish to tell her that I feel the same way about her. I feel the same way about each of you, carrying out the work Jesus and I started. It is such a beautiful and amazing sight.

You are each practicing forgiveness and gratitude, blessing everyone we send to you. This is what it means to be Christ, a child of God. You each walk the talk. 

Zonia, Christina, Jude, Lorraine and Irene, you are my sisters and I love you so. You have each shown me a thing or two. We give and receive as one.

I focused on the women today but I have much more to say, specifically to the men in this group, next week.

Until next week, with the love of Christ, Mother Mary, your sister in Christ.

End Time:  2:00pm