Message 61

Image: Foundation for Inner Peace

Friday, December 18, 2020    10:11 am

Dear Brethren,

Hello everyone. It’s Helen. I came to share with you each about the progression of the teachings. When they landed in my lap (so to speak), they were largely about not letting the world bombard and overwhelm you and teaching that each soul is responsible for how they respond to the world. The focus was forgiveness and inner peace. Love was certainly talked about in the beginning but it needed its own volume, the magnificent A Course of Love, to show exactly how love works and to encourage movement away from the masculine thinking mind toward the feminine heart.

Journey is all about responding with love, whether in heartfelt thought or deed. You each have many opportunities each day to express love. Try to take advantage of each and every opportunity. Some only present themselves for a moment and then the opportunity is gone. Try to be present and clear so these chances to love can be opened and manifested, each one a gracious gift.

I am amazed at how far the teachings have evolved and to think, it all started with little ‘ole me (smile).

Love and amazement,

Helen, your sister in Christ.

End Time: 10:30 am