Martin (Luther King Jr.), Mother Mary, Pearls

Pearls of Wisdom, Mother Mary & Friends 5

Sunday, July 4, 2021   6:25 am

Hello lovelies. It is I, Mother Mary. I have brought along my dear friend, Martin, to be with us today. He will lead us in prayer.

‘Thank you dear Father/Mother within.
Thank you for being with us as we gather from afar.
Thank you for Jesus’ leadership and his willingness to teach us new things, concepts that will broaden our horizons.
Thank you for allowing me to serve on this leadership team, along with Mother Mary, St. Germain, Coretta and so many others.
Thank you that we have an opportunity to work with our brothers and sisters on the front lines, bringing truth to the surface once again.
Thank you for all of the organization and education behind the second coming.
Thank you dear Father/Mother for all of these things.
In the name of Christ we pray, amen.’

We will be together again next week. Until then,
Mother Mary and Martin

End Time: 6:33 am