Celebrations, Jesus

Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 13

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, July 11, 2021   6:22 am

Namaste. Let us continue. 14 days have passed in earth time since we first spoke but in time outside of time, we have only been gathered for 10 minutes. Think of all of the things you have accomplished or not accomplished in 14 days. Yet here we are on this side of the veil and many are still getting comfortable in their seats.

Time is much slower here. Part of the challenge of being on the earth is the adjustment between non-physical time and physical time, which is much harder for a soul to grow accustomed to.

Pay close attention to today’s ‘Teaspoons of Sugar’ from the now finished ‘Proverbs for a New Age’. Notice all of the differences in experience and the rate that it takes some to process their most recent lifetime on earth. This is important, Christs, because in Christ, we value all. No one is excluded and everyone in embraced.

This is a master class that you will not experience anywhere else.

Until next week,

End Time: 6:35 am