St. Germain (Joseph), The Alliance

The Alliance (into Oneness) 15

Image: Terra Nova

Sunday, July 25, 2021   5:47 am

Lists everyone! Lists everyone! Let’s jump right in on this fine day. Just like last week, number each item in order of urgency with ‘1’ being the most urgent situation. Let’s look at your number one item a little closer. What do you see as needs now? This is always where Christ starts. Even in complicated situations, the focus is always now.

Many people pray and they usually pray for a quick fix, and that something disappears and goes away. They usually see events as things that are wrong and shouldn’t be there. Not Christ though. Christ sees the value in all things to help a soul to grow and develop. As Jesus pointed out, Christ is an accelerator who wants to enhance and shorten suffering. We aren’t fixers. We are blessers.

Keep listing the situations you are blessing. This week, pay close attention to beliefs. Do beliefs have anything to do with creating tough situation? I’ll leave you with this thought, Christ offices.

Here is our affirmation for this week. 

‘I Am an enhancing accelerant.’

Blessings! Blessings! Blessings!

St. Germain 

End Time: 5:59 am