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Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 15

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Sunday, July 25, 2021   5:30 am


Now, we’ve only been by the fire for 20 minutes, although it has been 28 days on earth, so time is drastically slower here. You may have noticed that some of the authors of Proverbs for a New Age may have been gone from the world’s stage for many years and yet they are still adjusting to their new realities.

I want to talk to you about last week’s homework assignment. The ten powers of Christ will each be visited with a common, real life in form scenario. There will be a debrief the first go around for each one but the next set of ten will not have answer keys.

We want each of you to learn more about your power and how this power works exactly. We aren’t saving anyone or fixing anyone. We are not ‘waking them up’. We are not pulling them from illusion to truth. We are not doing any of these things. These things are not the responsibility of Christ. They are above our pay grade.

Christ’s responsibility is simply to enhance whatever is there, in whatever way possible. We enhance individual journeys. We help our sisters and brothers along the way, just enough but not too much. We still want them to learn life’s lessons but perhaps in an accelerated way. Christ is an accelerator.

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