St. Germain (Joseph), The Alliance

The Alliance (into Oneness) 17

Image: Terra Nova

Sunday, August 8, 2021    9:39 am 

Now it’s my turn, Christ Offices. Jesus gave you a lot of information so I will take it easy on you this week. I just want to reiterate that Christ does not care what church a brother or sister goes to or what political party they support or whether they believe in medicine or science or not. All of this is simply irrelevant to us. Got it? Good! We work around the mind and all these types of things are from the mind. They are thoughts. That’s all. 

Here’s our affirmation for this week. 

‘I Am a helpmate to my sisters and brothers. My blessings help them on their journeys.’ 

St. Germain

End Time: 9:46 am