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Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 17

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, August 8, 2021    9:16 am 

Namaste on this blessed day. The fire where we have been for 42 earth days or six weeks has only been burning for 30 minutes. When you want to challenge your brain with a math problem, take out a device and try to figure out how much time has passed in the spirit realm when a full year has passed on earth. We can compare answers next week. Time here is significantly slower. 

Now, to discuss last week’s homework, scenario two was an unfortunately common situation. Many of you have been in the same boat more than once. 

It is very, very important that Christ knows how its own energy works. It is not a scream or a plea. It is a take charge kind of stance where energy is sent Now and is extended into future Nows. Think of a rubber band. Its qualities allow it to stretch to embrace more of something or to embrace something in a tighter way. This is exactly and precisely what your blessings do. 

We work through you as Christ and all you must do is be a conduit for us by staying clear. However, this said, many if not most of you have a prayer ministry of some type and if you do, it is again, very important that you understand how blessings work. 

Blessings produce miracles and miracles are new levels of acceptance and understanding. A Shock to the System may be the most important piece of Christ’s training. It is everyday life in 2021 and these situations call for help, call for love. This is where you come in my friends. You are the accelerant. Your energy will help those who are stuck to get unstuck and those who are not stuck to continue to move to where life is taking them. 

Love is Knowledge,

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