St. Germain (Joseph), The Alliance

The Alliance (into Oneness) 21

Image: Terra Nova

Sunday, September 5, 2021   9:39 am 

Greetings Christ Offices! Living on the earth is a tough assignment, one of the toughest of them all. Our sisters and brothers need the warmth of Christ’s sun rays. We do not discriminate and say, ‘You get sunshine but you over there, do not.’

No, just like the earth’s sun, the light shines on everyone, without any regard whatsoever about what their viewpoints and stances are. Everyone needs your love. Everyone needs the love of Christ energy. 

Here is our affirmation for this week. 

‘I Am what everyone has been waiting so long for. I Am the return of Christ, and my job is simple. I only love.’

With tremendous respect,
St. Germain

End Time: 9:48 am