Celebrations, Jesus, Shock

Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 21

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, September 5, 2021   9:11 am 

Namaste. Let us begin. We greet a new week as devastating storms and political strife mark the week that has just ended. Christ is neutral and doesn’t take sides on any single issue. Love embraces and does not divide. Christ doesn’t see one side as right and one side as wrong because Christ looks beyond division and only sees unity in Oneness. 

In A Journey into the Unknown, we have never shied away from the difficult and hard to discuss topics and today will not be an exception. Most humans think they are a body. They may think that God wants them to raise children in this world and that God will decide if and when this happens. It is monstrous for them to even think of interfering with a pregnancy, even an unwanted and unwelcome one. To these sisters and brothers, we understand where they are coming from, and we love them unconditionally. 

We also have many sisters who do not want to become a mother again or for the first time. Some may choose to carry the pregnancy and then use an adoption service, but some do not want this experience. We love and honor our sisters and trust that they make the correct decision for themselves. We do not walk in their shoes. Love does not judge. Christ loves and supports all, in their various stages of life. There is nothing anyone can do to sever themselves from love. 

Carry on, Christ Offices. Dig deep to understand but stay out of the fray. Remain neutral.

Blessed Be! 


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