Message 275

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, April 11, 2021   7:15 am

Christ has been officially introduced to this reality. Collectively, we are the eagle. Each of you make up the body of the eagle. Now that declarations have been made, we can proceed. We are not an invading force. It’s just that the new owners have moved in.

The Christ Organization coexists with all other realities. They are not a threat to us. Love cannot be threatened.

Christ energy is supported by All That Is. All other energies do not have a true support system. So, in this way, our energy can only grow.

Energies that vibrate at a lower frequency will feel threatened but we continue regardless.

Let us pray.

‘Dear Creator of All,

We gather in acknowledgment of the great task set out before us.

We claim our place on the great and powerful Gaia to work cooperatively with her while she heals.

Love is what fuels us both. We have a symbiotic relationship that supports one another.

Let it be.’

Christ is a relationship of love and support. The relationship between humans and Gaia has suffered because She was not treated with love and respect.

The Second Coming of Christ will heal the broken relationship between humans and Gaia. It will also bring the awareness of oneness between groups who are divided by their thinking. Gaia supports all and needs support from all.

Our day and our place in history is here and now.

With the power of the eagle’s second talon,

End Time: 7:45 am