Message 276

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Monday, April 12, 2021   6:30 am

The powers that be know we are here now. We have staked our claim. Now, the job is two fold. It is each of your jobs to simply be, do or be and do. You are full fledged creators now and the choice is always yours to make.

The eight talons and our legions of assistants will not only support each of you, but will work to create a new wave of those who are ready to give egoless living a shot.

When the timing indicates, the world will find out about its newest neighbors. Some will like us and many will not. Some may want to move away and escape from Christ, but there will be fewer places to do so over time.

Love is settling in and our offices are all open. We have shared everything that we can share at this point. This next part is unscripted and completely unknown.

You will receive regular messaging when the situation warrants it or just as a check in, but they will not be as frequent. Let’s go back to a weekly message. Expect one each Sunday moving forward. 

Our work for now is ending in a way and beginning in another. We all need time to watch things unfold. As has been said, you each know as much as we do at this point.

I will commune with you on Sunday.

Love, blessings and gratitude, 

End Time: 6:47 am