Phase Two Introduction

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, April 18, 2021   6:00 am

Welcome to Phase Two of our never-ending project. It is I, the one known as Jesus. 

It is our mandate to support Christ’s development from awareness to consciousness to full transformation. 2021 is the first full year of complete recovery from the ego’s tyranny so, today I Am very pleased to announce three new books in the A Journey into the Unknown series. These will usher in Phase Two of our project, which is a deep support system, a deep well of connection with the unseen forces that are at your disposal.

Book 11 is called ‘Sunday Celebrations with Jesus’. These will be weekly sharings and transmissions of light.

Book 12 is called ‘Beyond the Veil: Revelations’. These will be weekly, but could also occur at any time of the day or week. When we need to communicate with the Christ Offices, we need instant access. Think of these as our modern day fax machines. Don’t worry. Rick knows to say “how high” when we say “jump”. (smile)

Book 12 will allow you to hear from the other seven talons and will also give you the opportunity to receive nutrition from new sources that you haven’t been introduced to as yet. The purpose of both of these new books is nutrition for all Christ Selves.

You will hear from old friends you have developed new, deeper relationships with, and you will hear from those who you will grow to love just as much. They have been quietly waiting for their turn to support you and support they will. Being Christ is all about being in relationship with both the familiar and the unfamiliar. Christ never met anyone who wasn’t instantly included in the fold.

Book 13 will be called ‘The Alliance (into Oneness)’ and it will eventually become a service project for willing Christs to participate in. It will be a collection of affirmations. Who better to be in charge of this than St. Germain himself? He is known for many things and affirmations are at the top of the list. Expect these weekly.

For those who noticed an intensity in the ‘Messages’ and a flurry of them before they stopped at 283, before a brief hiatus, this is where they led us. Now we are officially in Phase Two of Being Christ. Let’s open a bottle of champagne and make a toast. “Here’s to Christ!” “Cheers!”

In Christ,

End Time: 6:32 am