Celebrations, Jesus

Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 11

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, June 27, 2021   8:27 am


Today, let’s gather around a fire I have prepared for us. Make yourselves comfortable and then take a look around at those who are gathered. Some sit together and yet there are a few who sit at a distance. Everyone is welcome in Christ. Come as you are and be as you are. If you need space, you may have all you need and if you require closeness, you may have all that you need. There is no judgement here.

We are cohesive in our acceptance of one another’s different ways of Being. All expressions are welcome and celebrated in Christ.

I will speak to you again in one week’s time outside of time. Here’s another challenge for you each. While a full seven days will have passed in earth time, I will still be standing up to speak to those gathered around the fire. We want each of you to begin to understand differences in time experiences. It will broaden your perspectives.

With much love,
Your elder statesman,

End Time: 8:39 am