Celebrations, Jesus

Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 12

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, July 4, 2021   6:00 am


Seven days have passed in earth time and yet virtually no time has passed where we are gathered. We are still sitting around a fire and I have just stood up to speak. This is a small example of how slowly time passes here in the non-physical realm. Everything is much slower. When you return here fully, it will require an adjustment because earth life is so fast paced. Some of the ideas about being in heaven came from trying to explain the difference. One idea is that you float on a cloud. Another is that you sit on a beach. They are rarely literally true but the basic premise behind these ideas is that we experience a much slower version of time. It’s enlightening to learn something new, isn’t it?

My talks over the next several Sundays will all take place around this same fire, so while you each go about your earthly lives, your points of focus, part of you will still be with me. We will compare what 14 days in earth time is like to non-physical time outside of time and then 21 days, 28 days and so on. You are each in the middle of a metaphysical science lesson, one you probably can’t learn on earth.

It is my tremendous honor to be with you each Sunday.

Love and gratitude,

End Time: 6:15 am