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Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 18

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Sunday, August 15, 2021   11:21 am 

Namaste. I say this because I truly mean it. Namaste means ‘I bow to you.’ You are the ones fighting the good fight, so to speak. Not that being Christ is a fight because it’s opposite of that, but you know what I’m saying. Being Christ is ten times as difficult in the 21st century as it was during the 1st century and as you know very well, my time as Christ was very difficult. 

The perspective of Christ isn’t always welcomed or appreciated, is it? Our hope is that being Christ will be easier when our numbers are higher and our collective strength is stronger, when the House of Truth is firmly established. As I stated in the first book of this series, rocky roads are ahead, so keep the faith. The world may say they hate you, but they are depending on you too, without knowing that. You will not save anyone, but you will shine a beacon of light and that light will be appreciated one day. 

Being a good mathematician is not a requirement for our Christ offices and it’s a good thing too because your answers from last week were all over the map. (smile) No worries, sisters, and brothers. You all understand the phrase ‘time stands still’ is almost true when we compare earth time with time outside of time. A whole earth year is only a few hours here and five earth years is less than a day here, quite a difference. If you keep the Sabbath, you are resting for one earth day, but a day of rest here would be less than 5 years where you are. Relax now, math time is over! (smile) 

Please continue last week’s homework, in addition to the new assignment for the power to grant wishes and desires. There are some powder kegs brewing in Haiti and Afghanistan. Prayer from Christ never ever hurts. It only helps. 

Have a blessed week ahead, Christ offices! 

Love = power, 

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