Celebrations, Jesus

Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 2

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, April 25, 2021   7:10 am

Let us begin. Let us join hands and form a circle of light. Let us pause to allow our light rays to merge. One moment there is stillness. One moment later, the rays dance as they inform one another. Now, there is Oneness. This is the province of God.

In mediation, we breathe through our physical bodies, while our astral bodies experience Oneness.

This is union. This is God experiencing God. This is God replenishing itself. This is transmission.


My brothers and sisters in Christ,

Let us start each of our Sunday Celebrations with a 15 minute transmission in union. I will also encourage you to start off each day with one before you open shop for the day. The daily ones can be of shorter duration, perhaps 3-5 minutes. These experiences are available to you at any time of the day or night. This is the most important tool in every Christ’s toolbox. It is a more ritualized ‘Holy Instant’ from A Course in Miracles. The difference is that you are whole now. Christ is whole and holy. It doesn’t seek it. It is it. Now, Christ seeks expansion, first and foremost with itself. You will each find that transmissions in union provide nutritious soul food that you simply can’t experience any other way. “Bon appetite” as they say.

On our end, this will help us to see who is available for assignments. It can be like a timecard or sign in sheet for each Christ. It is a great way to inform yourself that you are clear and free from any baggage too, so it is just a great overall practice to get into.

After a transmission in union, stay in a state of prayer throughout your office hours or your tour of duty. Keep the phone lines open so we can touch base. Remember, we will rarely ask you for your assistance. This energy already knows what it wants to accomplish through you. We just need you to not block it anymore. This is really what Christ is. It is God in a body/mind vehicle that has stopped blocking and interfering. It is so simple and yet it has been so difficult hasn’t it? Egos think that blocking and interfering are their jobs. Christ allows the flow of life. Big difference.

Let’s end our second Sunday Celebration with a prayer. Bow your heads please.

‘Dear holy All of All,

I present the graduating class of 2021. This is our first wave of fully embodied Christ Selves. They have each accomplished their assignments of undoing and are now standing before you, ready to allow you to work through them, ready to be or do, as called to do so.

This path to this moment has been anything but easy. It is a testament to you, dear Source of All, that Christ has returned to the earth. We thank you for all of the encouragement and support for without it, we are nothing and could not have accomplished this.

In love and light,

the graduating class of 2021′

Until next week,
Jesus, your brother in Christ

End Time: 8:05 am