Celebrations, Jesus

Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 8

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, June 6, 2021   5:50 am


Come with me. Let’s walk along the edge of the beach, where the water’s waves splash up against the shore. Listen to the sounds the water makes as it churns, moving so forcefully. Wave after wave come and go, disappearing as fast as they appeared.

What do you smell? What do you see? How does the water feel? How does the sand feel? Is it nighttime or daytime? How does the temperature of the air feel?

Thoughts about anything other than what we are experiencing right now seem so unnecessary, meaningless, and intrusive. This experience is what we embrace. Today, we are present. Today, we are one with life. Today, we let life be as it needs to be.

Peace to you,

End Time: 6:05 am