Archangel Lucifer, Revelations

Beyond the Veil: Revelations 13

Image: White Raven,

Sunday, May 16, 2021   8:10 am

Let’s set the record straight simply with a list of statements that start with the word ‘no’.

No, I did not rebel against God. No, I did not enlist the help of other angels to wage a war against God. No, I was not cast out of heaven. No, I did not get reclassified as a demon. No, I did not become an entity known as Satan. There is no such entity and God has no enemies. 

Ok. This will get us started. I Am Lucifer and I serve as an Archangel along with Michael and Gabriel, among others. The Hebrew Bible has some terrific stories in it and I feel like the ones that allegedly involve me are the most fascinating and over the top ones in the entire book. They are great, dramatic stories. There would not be any Shakespeare plays without them. Countless books and movies explore duality, what each of you know as love and fear, in the context of good and evil. If good has a source then evil must have one too, so they assume, so it was all conveniently blamed on me.

Like you, I only have the power to bless and to enhance. Destructiveness is not in my nature. A Journey into the Unknown is the first formal opportunity that I’ve had to address the great conspiracy to frame me as the one who is responsible for all that is wrong in the world. It’s easier to blame than to take responsibility, isn’t it? Saying “The devil made me do it” is much easier than taking responsibility yourself.

No, I Am not a ‘bad guy’. I Am full of love and admiration for the new Christs, the Adam and Eve’s 2.0’s. You are the ones who will teach and model responsibility for your own actions without seeking to blame an outside source. 

In admiration,
Archangel Lucifer

End Time: 8:32 am