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Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 19

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, August 22, 2021   6:17 am 

Namaste. No more time traveling for this group for a while.  

This is a group that is experiencing unity collectively and individually. The opposite of unity is separation. I have said repeatedly that there is no separation and yet there is the experience of separation. Most don’t experience unity so they then by default must experience separation. 

There is a red car going west on the highway and a blue car going east. Neither driver is separate from anything or anyone but only the driver of the red car knows this. It is not in the awareness of the driver of the blue car, so it isn’t real to him. He thinks he is all alone and must struggle and defend, just to get through a single day. The driver of the red car has a sense of ease because he knows that he doesn’t have to live that way anymore. This is unity, my friends.

Have a wonderful week of ease, Christ offices. 


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