Celebrations, Jesus

Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 3

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, May 2, 2021   5:55 am

Greetings, fellow Christs. Once a Christ, always a Christ. Let’s celebrate being together today by first participating in an energetic transmission for as long as you can sustain. Doing these daily will help you to do longer sessions with me on Sundays. Let’s aim for 10-15 minutes, at least eventually. Think of these sessions as plugging into an electrical outlet. Feel yourSelf light up and experience union, your connection with all. When complete, please resume reading.

Now that you have returned, please bow your head in prayer. Hold your hands out to your sides with the palms facing upwards.

‘Dear Creator of Each of Us,

We finish our week of service by thanking you for an opportunity to come here for a lifetime and to be of service to ourSelves and to one another. We are grateful to be conduits for love energy in a place where it is a foreigner, not understood or accepted. Being Christ is easy at times and not as easy when our thoughts demand our attention. However, we are here, through thick and thin, to acknowledge our dedication to You and to love.

Blessed Be’

And now, just a short note. I want each of you to reflect on this past week. Being Christ is tricky because you will seldom know the outcomes or even what love is doing through you at all. You just have to trust that your sisters and brothers are benefiting and that you are benefiting. 

We go where you go. If you’re at the laundry facility, then so are we. If you’re at the bank, then so are we. Have a successful, minimal thought week ahead and I will meet with you again next Sunday, Christ offices.

Love, Jesus 

End Time: 6:18 am