Revelations, St. Thomas the Apostle

Beyond the Veil: Revelations 4

Patron Saint of India (1964 stamp), India Post

Sunday, May 2, 2021   6:21 am

My name is St. Thomas. I was one of Jesus’s disciples. I wrote down Jesus’s words of wisdom in a collection known as ‘Sayings’. These were not included in the King James Bible by the powers that be but it was in good company as there were several other excluded books.

Nowadays, ‘Banned Books Week’ is a celebration that these works that have been disregarded and tossed aside, have survived and found an audience, despite the criticism they received. The books that were banned from the Bible were rediscovered in the mid twentieth century and one can now see that they didn’t fit in with the church’s worldview or political outlook. They were challenging and challenging things and people frequently get tossed aside.

I Am here with you today to remind you that history repeats itself. The works that are being given to you today and that are known collectively as A Journey into the Unknown would be burned and destroyed as trash by some. One great thing about the digital age is that this can’t happen. We aren’t talking about handwritten scrolls any longer.

I can relate. The truth truly cannot be buried and destroyed. It always finds the light of day.

I will speak to you again when the time is appropriate. 

Carry on,
St. Thomas the Apostle

End Time: 6:40 am