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Sunday Celebrations with Jesus 4

Image: Jeff Jacobs, Pixabay

Sunday, May 9, 2021   6:48 am

Namaste. Now that your infusion of Divine energy is complete, please transport yourself to the middle of a forest with me so we can have a fireside chat. Get comfortable. Today’s topic is about living a life of love full time.

Everyone in this group, all of our Christ offices, are discovering how to live a love based life all of the time. You aren’t just aware of the possibility. You aren’t just doing it part time. Christ lives love full time and living love full time is very different from living what you each have known as ‘normal’ life here. ‘Normal’ life on earth is fear based and what each of you are doing is opposite of that, but what does this mean?

As Archangel Gabriel spoke of so eloquently yesterday, we know what each Christ is dealing with through the Christ Mind and much of this has made its way into the books of A Journey into the Unknown, as part of relationship and union. So, the same situations that happen in everyone’s life will happen in yours. The difference is in the response. A loving response looks different from a fearful response. 

A case in point is something this scribe is experiencing. He has lost his job, due to no fault of his own. There were some unsavory characters involved and we were not welcome in that organization. Love was not welcome. Love does not stay where it isn’t welcome. Rick has struggled to accept this and know that something better is coming. Knowing this and looking at it positively is to look at it with love. Whereas the ‘normal’ response might be depression or at least a great deal of worry.

Love takes some getting used to. It really is very different, but it is so much better. Love is trusting in the perfect outcome. Fear doesn’t think there is a perfect outcome. In short summary, this describes it perfectly.

Have a wonderful love filled week ahead.

Love, Jesus

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