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Beyond the Veil: Revelations 8

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Saturday, May 8, 2021   8:00 am

I Am Karen Carpenter and someone from this group has asked the powers that be for me to speak to you today. First of all, I Am fine. I Am very happy and healthy in spirit.

My brother, Richard, and I were making beautiful music in an ugly world during difficult times, the 70’s and 80’s. The music industry was a drug infested world filled with shady characters of all types. It was just a weird mix, you know? There were mobsters and drug dealers and here we were, these sweet kids. Our music did not have any rough edges or dissonance in it, like a lot of rock and roll from the time. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Three Dog Night fit in better with the music industry and they became the music industry. We were absolutely fish out of water and yet we had to learn how to deal with this world that we were a part of.

We had lots of top ten songs and albums. We were not alone. There were other ‘soft rock’ groups and artists around too.

We had to adjust to a faster paced lifestyle. We were on concert tours, TV shows and had interviews in magazines and newspapers. We had photography sessions and the photos were used on our record sleeves and in the articles. I remember in one magazine, there would be pictures of me by myself and with Richard and then on the opposite page, there would be a picture of the ugly Alice Cooper!

I mention photography because image was important and distorted image was an important issue for me to overcome. I couldn’t though. It overcame me. My own thoughts about myself overtook me. I can see clearly now that I was beautiful but I couldn’t see it at the time. To me, I looked like Alice Cooper. 

I treasure this time I have had with this new group of Christs. I will join you one day.

Love, Karen

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