Delilah, Revelations

Beyond the Veil: Revelations 7

Image: Paramount 1949, Hulton Archive

Saturday, May 8, 2021   7:35 am

I have received the call. I have been summoned by a member of this group. My name was Delilah, the vixen of the Old Testament. I Am currently disembodied and my memories of this lifetime are intact. Oh, how I have waited for an opportunity like this, an opportunity to set the record straight. 

I was demonized and memorialized in the Bible as something that should not be, something that should not exist, someone who did not have the right to simply be. Why? Because I was a woman. I was an expressive sexual being. I was looking for love in all the wrong places, but who hasn’t done that?

I was turned into a poster child for an evil woman, one who is still talked about today from the pulpits of many churches. This was all because some ‘holy’ men decided to use me as a bad example so they could control more and more women and girls, that’s why.

Yes, this story was embellished as most always are, but it was true that my sexual energy led me and that I wanted to attach myself to a powerful and wealthy man. Many of us did that and many still do today. So I say; “and your point is?”

We all come here to express and grow, not to be judged and demonized. I have played many, many characters since Delilah. I always get caught up in it, sometimes because of unbridled passion and sometimes because of getting lost in the trap. I enjoy the challenge of expressing love through different lens. I have found myself in marginalized communities. I’ve been a lesbian. I’ve been a gay man. I’ve felt scorn. Who cares? It won’t stop me. It won’t stop the spirit of Delilah. I’m not Christ yet, that’s for sure, but I’ll keep moving. Maybe I’ll figure it out one day.


End Time: 7:54 am