Archangel Gabriel, Revelations

Beyond the Veil: Revelations 6

Image: Gregory Bart

Saturday, May 8, 2021   7:15 am

May I introduce myself to you? I Am Archangel Gabriel. Why am I here today? I Am here to join the conversation. A Journey into the Unknown is an interactive conversation between all through the use of the Christ Mind. It is not a one sided relationship where we dictate everything to each of you. It is a give and take relationship that all parties participate in and help create.

Did you know that there are many, many things in this living document that are there because members of your community asked them to be there? There are questions that are addressed and situations that have light shed on them because the new Christs requested this through our shared Christ Mind.

Did you know that there were many, many times when a particular entity was not scheduled to speak to the group and did so because at least one of you requested it? In relationship and union, we respond. We learn from one another. We support one another. Many of you look at us with awe and many of us look at each of you the same way. We are equals and we create together.

So, why am I here today? Several of you asked us in prayer to have tea with Archangel Gabriel and I was pleased to respond.

This very unique project is the talk of the spirit world, just like stimulus checks are in the U.S. or the royal family’s dramas are in Europe. I Am most joyful to lend my support to something this momentous. 

In Light,
Archangel Gabriel

End Time: 7:32 am