'Eve', Revelations

Beyond the Veil: Revelations 17

Image: Sr. Grace Remington, mississippiabbey.org

Eve: Part Two of Three

Wednesday, May 19, 2021   3:20 pm

We knew that we would be dealing with our own and each other’s egos, and we knew that to mean that there was a very powerful built in resistance. We volunteered for the mission, and because we had no parents, we had no socialization or prior ‘how to’ kind of knowledge that had been passed down from parent to child. We were very dependent on support from our spiritual help mates. Without it, the project would have been a flop. It was very much like landing on a desert island.

As prototypes, we were born clairvoyant. This is how we communicated with each other and with our support system, through telepathy. Without it, we wouldn’t have known what to do, yet alone how to do it. In a desert island situation today, the stranded beings at least would know what needed to happen but they may not know how to make that happen. So, it’s a potential double bind for prototypes who had no prior knowledge or experience.

We were equipped with a language but it took a long while to express it, to think of something and communicate it with a verbally spoken word. We had to learn how to produce language with our lips and vocal cords. We had to learn how to hear language and recognize what it meant. So, it was harder than telepathy. There were additional steps.

Over time, we became proficient and comfortable with language. When this happened, our telepathy got rusty and then got so rusty that we couldn’t use it anymore. We weren’t banished from the Garden of Eden because God was mad at us. The natural development had happened and our egos were fully in charge. There wasn’t a talking snake but our new language made our thoughts seem like talking snakes. There wasn’t an actual apple that I bit into but entertaining thoughts was like biting into a poisonous or forbidden apple because it kept us in the mind’s world of duality, ‘good or bad’ thoughts (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil).

This feels good to get this off of my chest.


End Time: 3:45 pm