Lillith, Revelations

Beyond the Veil: Revelations 18

Image: Susan Sedden Boulet

Wednesday, May 19, 2021   3:47 pm

I Am Lilith. I Am not married to Satan. I Am not a demon or a vampire. I was a prototype, like my sister Eve. I had a male partner too. For all intents and purposes, you can call him ‘Adam’. We were not married, as the institution of marriage had not been established yet. There weren’t any churches or governments yet.

My story is the same exact story as the one Eve is sharing. We both experienced demonization. She supposedly tempted her ‘Adam’ to eat the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and has been blamed and cast in a negative light.

In my case, my name became synonymous with evil. I was a temptress who ‘Adam’ cast aside. The truth is that I was a beautiful and powerful woman. I mothered many children and fulfilled my duties and obligations in that way.

To this day, I truly don’t know why I became a mythological being with bad intent. I feel like the men who spoke of us and later, wrote about us, had issues about women who had minds of their own. They blamed us and completely failed to see their own short comings.

Where we all come from, there is not distinct ‘male’ and ‘female’ categories that everyone is expected to fit neatly into. This is changing here now, but during my time as Lilith, men expected women to stay pregnant and quiet. We underestimated the power of the male human ego. It was clearly not planned or anticipated. We were to be equal partners, loving and supportive of one another. This clearly did not happen, and is continuing to not happen in many parts of the world. We see the women in one of the world’s largest major religions covering themselves completely except for their eyes, so they won’t ‘tempt’ men. Why is that their responsibility, and not the responsibility of the men to control their own behavior? 

As you can see, I Am still Lilith and damn proud of it too.

Your sister,

End Time: 4:12 pm