Jezebel, Revelations

Beyond the Veil: Revelations 19

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021   4: 16 pm

I Am Jezebel. My name means ‘dirty whore’ to many. It is a bad, bad thing that means that a woman is horrible and not worthy of love and respect. Excuse me? If a man has sex with a woman, why is she a tramp and he is a what? A ‘normal male’?

Yes, Christs, the inequality of the sexes goes way back, further than me and Delilah. It goes back to the prehistoric times and certainly to the female protypes you’ve just heard from.

I know I’m talking to Christs and some of you may say, “Well, the oppression and the resulting stigma that was memorialized and has lasted forever helped to make you stronger, Jezebel.” 

Well, I’m not trying to be disrespectful or anything, but dealing with male oppression is something I could have lived without, thank you very much. Life is hard enough without adding that extra layer of being demonized.

I lived life on my own terms and have no regrets, zero, nada. I Am part of the One Self too. I’m a work in progress and wherever I Am in that process, I Am perfect. I Am where I Am supposed to be.

It’s the self-righteous judgement that really gets my gall. Who were they to cast the first stone? Liars. Nowadays, I would have had to sign a waiver for them to say all of that crap about me, in a book that’s supposed to be the ‘Good Book’, a book about God. Well, I’m part of God too goddamn it. I Am anything but less than.

I hope you look me up and read about me if you are at all unfamiliar. Some of what you will find is somewhat true and some is the opposite. What you are reading now is 100% true. It’s the real deal because it’s coming from my heart.

Tootles, Christs,

End Time: 4:39 pm