'Eve', Revelations

Beyond the Veil: Revelations 21

Image: Sr. Grace Remington, mississippiabbey.org

Eve: Part Three of Three

Monday, May 24, 2021   7:52 pm

My inaccurate portrayal and demonization have had a great deal to do with people not understanding and accepting the human experience, combined with the rise of the effects of superstition. Story tellers and eventual writers truly did not understand the human perspective or the larger world perspective. Most everything was frightening and had to have a cause. A God with human emotions made sense.

This said, let’s talk more about the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. As the story goes, when I ate from it, I felt shame. As prototypes, this was supposed to happen. We both started to feel all of the vast variety of human feelings.

In regard to nudity and the use of fig leaves to cover certain body parts, this has much more to do with storytellers and writers than it had to do with us. Clothing has very practical purposes and yet we didn’t have any malls or money to use at one. Growing cotton and learning how to make textiles for clothing would be a long process over time. 

We used what was available. We used plants for our diet and to make primitive types of soap. We used aloe vera for our many skin issues. We were guided by a higher intelligence to know how to identify and properly use different plants. 

Everything was brand new to us. Today, you would say that our learning curve was extremely steep. We were developing language and learning about our new environment in very rudimentary, basic and even crude ways.

I had to learn to understand how pregnancy works and what exactly do you do with a child anyway? How do you care for one? All of this was evolutionary. We as prototypes experienced evolution just like prehistoric man was evolving, just like each of you have evolved.

The truth is wonderful and miraculous, especially when you peel away the mystique and the misunderstandings. 


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